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Bankruptcy attorney lake county Ohio


No matter how much is saved, no matter how carefully finances are managed, no one is immune to financial hardships. All it takes is the unexpected loss of a job, a serious accident, a major illness or[Read more]
Small Business Law attorney in Mentor Ohio

Business Law

As a small business owner, your expertise lies in the area of your business, not in legal matters. Still, as your business grows, there are many times when you find yourself needing to understand busi[Read more]
Lake County Attorney for Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor Vehicle Accidents & Personal Injury

Following an accident, you're faced with pain, the potential for lost time on the job and the emotional stress of dealing with what has transpired. You may have fears about the future and wonder how y[Read more]
Affordable Attorney Robert A Boyd in Willoughby Ohio

About Bob Boyd

Hello, I'm Attorney Bob Boyd, and I'd like to welcome you to the official website of my law practice. You may have seen me around before. I'm a member of the Lake County community and active in many c[Read more]
Workers Comp Words

Workers Compensation

When you're injured on the job, the way forward can be confusing. You'll likely be contacted by your employer's representative or insurance company and may feel pressured into signing away your rights[Read more]
Probate Attorney for wills and estates in Willoughby Ohio

Probate, Wills & Powers of Attorney

No one wants to think about what will happen when they die, but doing so is of the utmost importance if you want to ensure that your family is provided for and that your wishes regarding financial mat[Read more]


No matter what the cause or situation, legal issues can bring a large amount of stress and weigh heavily on you. Laws regarding bankruptcy, personal injury, worker’s compensation, wills and estates and small business matters are complex and can be intimidating, and you may not even be sure what your rights are in your situation. That’s why you need an attorney by your side to guide you through the process of solving your legal problem. Bob Boyd is ready to be that legal partner to assist you every step of the way.

Since 1980, Bob Boyd has been serving Willoughby Ohio and the surrounding areas. He has helped countless neighbors faced with mounting debt and those injured at work, in auto collisions and due to others’ negligence. In addition, he has helped families ensure that their children and grandchildren have the money they need to lead a comfortable life and worked with small business owners to help them achieve their goals.

This website is the official site of Attorney Robert A. Boyd. On its pages, you can learn more about him and the services he provides from his Willoughby, Ohio, law office. Explore the website to learn more about how he can assist you with whatever legal matters you’re facing or call 440.918.1733 to set up a free consultation with him now.

Robert A Boyd, Attorney at Law - Willougby Ohio

Bankruptcy and Divorce

Bankruptcy and Divorce

Bankruptcy and Divorce There are a number of ways that bankruptcy and divorce swing hand in hand for a lot of couples. Many studies have shown again and again that arguments over money and finances are one of the biggest factors when it comes to divorce. At the same time, when a couple is handling… Continue Reading

Can You Eliminate Student Loans with Bankruptcy?

Can You Eliminate Student Loans with Bankruptcy?

Can you eliminate student loans with bankruptcy? When a person enrolls in college, on of the unfortunate facts that must be accepted is that, except in certain circumstances, student debt is likely something you will have to deal with after college. A significant percentage of students leave their universities or other institutions with high amounts… Continue Reading

Options to Consider if You Can’t Meet Your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Payment Plans

Options to Consider if You Can’t Meet Your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Payment Plans

Options to Consider if You Can’t Meet Your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Payment Plans   If you fall behind on your Chapter 13 bankruptcy payments, the Chapter 13 bankruptcy trustee will ask the Bankruptcy Judge to dismiss your case. You will still have other options to re-instate your case.   Make Good on Your Payments Many… Continue Reading

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