No matter how much is saved, no matter how carefully finances are managed, no one is immune to financial hardships. All it takes is the unexpected loss of a job, a serious accident, a major illness or a serious medical problem to shake you off your solid financial foundation. People who find themselves saddled with major debt aren’t reckless, careless individuals. They’re people who have gone through hard times and want to rebuild their lives.

After decades of helping people who are faced with crippling credit card debt or astronomical medical bills, I understand how easy it is for people to find themselves facing bankruptcy. That’s why I’m so glad to be able to explain how the Bankruptcy Code is here to help – and walk them through every step of the process. I’ve worked with people of all ages from young adults to young families to middle-aged men and women to seniors, helping all of them enjoy the fresh start that bankruptcy provides.

Whether you’ve fallen behind on your mortgage, are being harassed by collections agents for a hospital or credit card company or are finding it hard to pay all of your monthly bills due to a loss of income or living on a fixed budget due to social security, I’m here to help. Often, problems like these can be resolved under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy Code, while in other instances, there are other ways of confronting and eliminating debt outside of the Bankruptcy court. My job is to get to know you, to fully understand your situation and to help you choose the option that will give you the fresh start that you deserve.

With more than 30 years of experience dealing with Bankruptcy Court, I know the law in and out and I keep up to date on changes as they arise. I’ll take the time to explain everything to you and will handle all of the work necessary to help you file if bankruptcy turns out to be the best option for your needs.

My law practice is a debt relief agency that has helped many people in Willoughby get a second chance and stop the cycle of debt that is destroying their lives.

To take the first step toward a fresh start, give me a call today at 440.230.3230. I’ll set up a free, no-obligation consultation with you to explain more about what bankruptcy is and how it could help you.